CH. Ty Moy Angel Iz Kolomenskogo


The new addition to our team. A beautiful little girl with blood from the best kennels of Russia. We are very happy to include her in our breeding plans.


Date of birth: 14/02/2018

Weight: 2,200 kg.

Teeths: 6/4

Patella luxation: 0/0



- Champion of Gibraltar.
- BOG-4. 50th International Dog Show of Gibraltar 2019.
- Junior Iberian Champion.
- Junior Champion of Spain.
- Junior Champion of Portugal.
- BOG. Open dog show of Mazarrón 2019.
- BOG-3 puppy. National dog show of Murcia 2018.
- BOG-3 puppy. National dog show of Talavera 2018.
- BIS puppy. Open dog show of Calasparra 2018.


Pedigree and siblings: